The Holistic Way to a Slimmer Belly

Belly Orb is the world’s first transdermal herbal patch, packed with bioavailable ancient Chinese botanicals to help balance your gut, slim your belly, and get you on the road to a better you!

Get a healthier belly without fad diets, extreme workouts or drugs − in 90 days or less.

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The Tummy-Friendly Way To Look & Feel Your Best

Belly Orb is proven to provide benefits you can see & feel… in under 90 days!


How It Works

Belly Orb features a superblend of 18 nutrient-dense botanicals that are scientifically proven to improve gut health, increase energy, slim your belly, and much more — but only when absorbed properly!

That’s where Belly Orb stands out — unlike traditional supplements, Belly Orb takes a shortcut through your skin. This direct passageway allows your body to properly absorb the potent goodness from these botanicals, giving you the full benefit of each ingredient without losing potency or causing discomfort!

Belly Orb makes it easy to feed your belly the nutrients it needs to stay slim and healthy.


Experience 6 Incredible Benefits in 90 Days or Less

When you use Belly Orb to directly absorb these powerful nutrients, you can expect:

1. A Slimmer Belly
2. More Energy
3. Improved Metabolism
4. Fewer Cravings
5. Better Gut Health
6. Radiant Skin

The best part? It’s natural, safe and easy. Just place Belly Orb over your tummy and start enjoying the benefits! 

Forget harsh diets, difficult workouts, ineffective pills and unknown ingredients… Belly Orb gives your belly what it needs to stay healthy & happy!


Tackles the Root Causes of Weight Gain, Not the Effects

Ever wondered why some weight loss approaches feel like band-aids rather than solutions? That's where Belly Orb stands out. It doesn't just skim the surface… it dives deep into the root causes of weight gain, supporting your belly health long-term.

Together, Belly Orb's 18 herbs support your digestive system, nurture your gut health, fuel your metabolism, and even lend a helping hand to your immune and liver functions. In short, wearing Belly Orb ensures your body is operating at its best, around the clock.

Belly Orb isn’t a quick fix — it helps you achieve and KEEP a healthy, slimmer belly!

The Future of Healthy Weight Management

All the benefits of tried-and-true methods — minus the side effects!

Belly Orb Skinny Patch

Scientifically Proven
Based on Chinese medicine used for thousands of years.
Reduces Cravings Naturally
So you don’t waste energy fighting them.
Easy To Use
Just place it on your belly! No 10-step routines, calorie counting, or time added to your day.

Other Weight Loss Methods

Not Backed By Science
Often created by a naturally-skinny 20-something influencer with no professional expertise.
Force You To Ignore Cravings With “Discipline”
Which isn’t just stressful, it often leads to relapse and binge eating.
Require Hours Of Effort
From counting calories to excessive workouts, all that extra time just adds up to stress and anxiety.

No Harmful Ingredients, No Harsh Regimens… Just Results!

Discreet & Simple

Forget swallowing pills all day — Belly Orb attaches to your tummy in seconds without a fuss, and it stays snugly in place all day long. Nobody will even know you’re using it… unless you want them to!

No More Upset Stomachs

Thanks to the unique transdermal format, Belly Orb is super easy on your belly — so it won’t cause discomfort. There are no pills to swallow either!

Fast, Long-Lasting Results

The 18 herbs in Belly Orb patches are highly bioavailable, making their absorption — and effects — in your body incredibly rapid. That means benefits you can see and feel in 90 days or less… that last for months!

Here’s Why Thousands Of People Love Belly Orb

5.0 star rating
Verified Buyer

“My mommy pouch is almost gone”

My mommy pouch is almost gone! I just wear a Belly Orb patch and replace it once a day.

5.0 star rating
Laiza F.‎
Verified Buyer

“Game-changer for me”

BellyOrb patches have been a game-changer for me. They've helped me curb my unruly cravings and stay on track with my healthy eating goals. Highly recommend.

5.0 star rating
Verified Buyer

“Thanks to Bellyorb patches!”

Thanks to Bellyorb patches, I no longer struggle with uncontrollable cravings. I'm finally able to make healthier choices and maintain my weight loss progress.

5.0 star rating
Verified Buyer

“It's effective”

Clear skin was just an added bonus when I started using BellyOrb patches.

3 Simple Steps For Better Belly Well-Being

It’s as simple as peel, stick, stay!

step 1

Place Belly Orb inside the patch.

step 2

Apply the patch to your belly button.

step 3

Enjoy 8 hours of healthy nutrients!


What’s Inside Belly Orb?

Belly Orb includes Licorice, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Atractylodes Macrocephala, Honey, Astragalus, Pepper Seeds, Corydalis, Evodia Fruit, Longan, Mugwort, Tangerine Peel, Chuanxiong, and more. Here are just a few of the standout ingredients:

Sichuan Pepper
Burns fat & speeds up the metabolism.
White Peony Root
Promotes fat burning, balances blood sugar & supports the liver.
Amps up weight loss & fights bloating.
Cyperus Rotundus
Regulates digestion and blood sugar, reduces water retention.

Immigrant-Founded and Focused on Holistic Wellness

The Belly Orb story began when founder Stella Rubinshteyn discovered the immense power of ancient wisdom and healing traditions in promoting well-being. Witnessing the transformative effects of alternative medicine and holistic practices in her own and family’s life, Stella became determined to share these extraordinary benefits with the world.

After achieving incredible results with transdermal nutrition, Stella created Belly Orb to help people of all ages and lifestyles not just look their best, but feel their best too.

Stella's mission to share the healing potential of holistic approaches has gained momentum, with recommendations pouring in from healthcare practitioners, athletes, spas and thousands of everyday consumers. Join Stella's movement today and experience the multifaceted advantages of Belly Orb’s innovative approach to holistic well-being!

Your Happiness is Our Priority

Try Belly Orb risk-free — and if you don’t love your results, we’ll refund you!


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Our mission is to help millions of people look and feel great in their own skin.

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